'My Profile' Page

To access your profile, click 'My Profile' from the BeLive homepage:

In your profile, you can find the following information:

  1. Your account name and email
  2. Your Invite-A-Friend stats (Full details here.)
  3. Sign up date and link to 'My Broadcasts' page
  4. Create a new broadcast button
  5. Your broadcast statistics
  6. Your current subscription plan (free trial, Basic or Standard+)

'My Broadcasts' Page

In this page, you can:

  • Find information and links to your broadcasts
  • Access and start your scheduled broadcasts
  • Download your finished broadcasts

How to access your broadcasts page

Option 1:

From your profile, click 'My Broadcasts'.

Option 2:

From the studio, click your profile photo and select 'My Streams'.

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