This article covers the following points:

  1. Video Editor Overview
  2. How to Access Your Broadcast for Editing
  3. Main Sections of the Video Editor
  4. How to Download or Share the Trimmed Clip

I. Overview

With the Video Editor, you can:

  • Trim unwanted footage at the beginning or end of your broadcast
  • Cut out specific parts for repurposing or promotional use
  • Create personalized video greeting cards for your audience
  • Add text and background to your recordings
  • Share the trimmed clip directly to Facebook or YouTube
  • Determine the highlights of your broadcast through user engagement and activity (comments and reactions)

II. How to Access Your Broadcast for Editing

After completing your broadcast, click 'Trim Live Broadcast' and select the broadcast you wish to edit.

III. Main Sections of the Video Editor

Section 1: Trimming Screen/Video Preview

This section allows you to view parts of your broadcast. Click any point on the timeline to preview that specific frame (indicated by the green marker).

Trimming Screen Controls

  1. Rewind (15 seconds)
  2. Play
  3. Fast forward (15 seconds)

Section 2: Timeline

The timeline displays the entire video clip. Click any section to inspect it more closely in the Trimming Screen:

Drag the orange sliders to select the new start and end points of the broadcast:

Timeline Controls

You will see a set of controls on the right section of the timeline:

  1. Undo - reverses the last action
  2. Redo - restores an action previously undone using the Undo button
  3. Fit - fits the whole timeline within the screen
  4. Zoom Out - decreases the scale of the timeline
  5. Zoom In - increases the scale of the timeline for closer inspection (allows you to easily find specific moments in the broadcast)

Section 3: Your Audience Activity

This section displays comments and reactions made by viewers during the broadcast. Comments are indicated by the chat bubble (💬 ) while reactions are indicated by the thumbs up (👍 ). Click any icon to pinpoint the exact moment it was made during your stream.

Section 4: Your Studio Activity

This section displays all activity you made in the studio during the broadcast. This includes uploading media (photo/video), layout changes, displaying crawler text and comments on screen, showing agenda, and adding guests.

Clicking on an icon pinpoints the exact moment it was made during the broadcast.

Hide or show specific elements by clicking on it.

Section 5: Overlay and Background

Add an overlay with personalized text to your video clips and select a background style.

IV. How to Download or Share a Clip

Click 'Download Clip' in the upper right to download the video in .mp4 format.

To share the trimmed broadcast directly to your Facebook group or page, click 'Share Clip' > select destination > add title and description > 'Share'.

Want to create personalized video cards to greet your friends, family or community? Check out our article on How to Create Personalized Video Cards.


  • The edited broadcast will not overwrite the original video. Original recordings are retained in your broadcasts page.
  • Edited videos are not stored in your account.
  • You may edit broadcasts 2.5 hours long or under.

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