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To go live, you need the following:

  • Desktop computer or laptop

  • The latest version of Chrome or Safari browser

  • Web camera

  • Facebook or Google account

  • Stable internet connection to avoid lags and delays. We recommend using a hard-wired connection (ethernet).

  • A pair of headphones to avoid echo and feedback

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Simulcast overview

With Simulcast, you can stream to multiple destinations simultaneously. This can be a combination of the following:

⚠️ Note: It is not possible to stream to 2 YouTube channels simultaneously. You can only go live on one YouTube channel at a time.

Setting your broadcast destination

  1. Log in to your BeLive account using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari.

  2. Click Set Destination on the top left section of the studio.

  3. If you want to schedule a Simulcast broadcast, click here. If you want to go live now, do not enable the Schedule Stream toggle.

  4. Select your broadcast destination. Select Facebook (to go live on your timeline or any page/group that you manage), YouTube (verify your YouTube account first), or LinkedIn.

  5. If you cannot see your Facebook page or group in the list, click here. If streaming on YouTube, learn about stream privacy settings here.

  6. Add a broadcast title and description.

  7. To select your second destination, click the plus button (+) on top of the menu window and repeat step 4. Hit Save once done.

Changing or removing a destination

To change a broadcast destination, simply re-select it from the dropdown menu. To remove a destination entirely, click Remove.

Hit Save to apply all changes.

Connecting your camera

Now that destinations are set, click Camera from the toolbar to push your webcam to the staging section:

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You will notice 3 buttons on the camera source:

  1. Show in Stream - pushes your camera source to the broadcasting section

  2. Mute - disables your microphone (viewers stop hearing you)

  3. Stop video - disables your camera (viewers stop seeing you)

Move yourself to the broadcast by clicking Show in Stream.

To learn how to set up your customized branding, click here.

Adding guests

Learn how to add guests here.

Starting and ending your broadcast

After pushing your camera to the broadcasting section, click Start to begin your broadcast. A 3-second countdown will appear to signal the start of the stream. To end your broadcast, click the stop button:

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Starting or scheduling another broadcast

Simply click Reset to clear all previous data. Don't worry - the reset button will not delete any of your scheduled broadcasts. It will simply reset the broadcast destination:

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Streaming to a different YouTube channel

From the Set Destination window, select YouTube as your destination > click your YouTube avatar > Sign out > re-select YouTube > select your preferred account from the popup:

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