As global COVID-19 pandemic was announced mid-March of this year, we at BeLive have quickly reached out to our global community to help them with our COVID-19 Initiatives.

This means that in response to the crisis as more people are required to stay home, we have removed restrictions to our Basic users so they could enjoy unlimited broadcasts. This is in hopes of allowing them to connect with their loved ones and stay productive during uncertain times.

Now, as quarantine and social distancing measures are being slowly lifted in many parts of the globe, we are putting back our cap to the number of broadcasts for our Basic Plan (Free) users, which is 3 shows per month.

You may still enjoy all the features of the Basic Plan. And with our new update, you can also create test broadcasts!

Should you feel the need to level up your broadcasts and do so more frequently, you may give our Standard+ Plan a try. Take advantage of its 14-day Free Trial to give you unlimited broadcasts and continue keeping your shows engaging. Plus, enjoy branding and customization, among many added features!

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