Yay! Now you can add videos in .mp4 format to your broadcasts! 😄
There are no limitations for the duration; you can upload any video up to 100 Mb.

How to do it?

1. Please enter Be.Live studio

2. Click Add media > Upload media 

3. Once done, select the video from the computer.

4. The video will appear in the Staging area. 

5. To start it click the play button. If you want to stop the video, just click the same button:

6. The audio icon will allow you to adjust the volume of the played video.

7. To make the video visible for the audience, click the orange button "Show in Stream" to move it to the Broadcasting section. 

Note: the video will not replay automatically after it ends.

8. If you want to stop showing the video, you can pause it and move it to the staging section by clicking the red Hide icon. 

Useful tips:

  • If you see that the video is buffering, please give it additional time to upload.  
    In case it does not help, check whether your video is less than 100 Mb.
    Also, you may try removing the video from the staging and re-adding it (click X button to remove the video) and make sure that
    the name of the video contains Latin letters only and no symbols.
  • When playing a video, don't forget to mute yourself or move camera window to the staging area. It will remove echo and create a better audience experience or hide yourself from the broadcast if you don't need to be seen by your viewers while the video is playing

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact our Support Team, we're here 24/7 to help!

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