Privacy settings are an essential feature that can make the broadcasts either visible for anyone or limit access to a specific group of people.
You can set up the privacy settings in the Studio before going live.

Keep in mind that by default, they are set to Public.

Click on Stream Privacy level section and you will see 3 options:

  1. Public (broadcast can be seen by anyone on Youtube)
  2. Private ( broadcast can be seen by you and the people you choose)
  3. Unlisted ( broadcast can be seen and shared by anyone with the link. Your unlisted videos won’t appear to others who visit the "Videos" tab of your channel page. They won't show up in YouTube's search results unless someone adds your unlisted video to a public playlist)

Once you selected the needed privacy settings, click Save.

What if you want to change the privacy settings after you created the broadcast?

No worries, you can do it both during the broadcast and after it ends.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio:
  2. From the left menu, select Videos.
  3. Hover over the video you'd like to update. To see your live uploads, select the Live tab.
  4. Click the down arrow under "Visibility" and choose Public, Private, or Unlisted.
  5. Save.

It can be edited both for currently live shows and past ones.

Well done! You have successfully changed the privacy settings for your video :)

If you still have any questions or need help, you can always contact our Support Team!

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