Here's a short video on how to go live on YouTube:

For a more detailed explanation, feel free to read the full article below.

Set up

To go live on Youtube, you need the following:

  • Computer/laptop
  • The latest version of Chrome or Safari browser
  • Google account and Youtube Channel (make sure it is verified
  • Web camera 
  • Stable internet connection/wifi to avoid lags and delays

Go to and click Try Now (you may need to create your Be.Live account first).

Going Live

From the studio, click Set destination > Select destination > YouTube:

Select the Google Account to connect with Be.Live. You may go live to your Personal or Brand Channel.

Click Allow to give Be.Live permissions to your Google account (Note: Be.Live WILL NOT post without your permission). 

This is a standard agreement for YouTube/Google when giving permissions to a third-party app. It only means that you will have access to your YouTube channel and be able to create/edit shows, access comments, and delete your shows directly from your Be.Live account. 

Add your Stream Title (make sure it's not more than 100 symbols) and Stream Description to your broadcast.

Select Broadcast Privacy Settings

  1. Public (broadcast will be seen by anyone on Youtube)
  2. Private (will be seen by you and people you choose)
  3. Unlisted (will be seen and shared by anyone with the link. Unlisted videos will not appear to others who visit the "Videos" section of your channel page. They won't show up in YouTube's search results unless someone adds your unlisted video to a public playlist).

Click Save.

Learn how to set up your customized branding here.

Now, connect your camera by clicking the Camera icon from the toolbar:

After that, your camera will appear in the staging section.

To change the settings of your camera and microphone, click the gear icon above your camera preview.

There, you can also check if the camera and mic are connected and working. In addition, you can change camera resolution in these settings. The default resolution is 480p. Lower resolution works better with slower connections and older computers. If you're on a powerful device and your internet connection is stable, feel free to increase it to 720p.

You can learn more in this article.

You can mute yourself or turn off the camera and go live with only your audio on. To do so, use the buttons of the microphone and video camera on your camera preview.

To move yourself to the broadcast, click "Show in Stream".

Finally, click Start to begin your broadcast. To end it, click the stop button:

You'll see a countdown before going live so you'll know when you're on air.

Once you've started your show you can find the link to it in your Be.Live profile.
Simply go to Profile > My Broadcasts and see the link under "Destination"

NOTE, it's possible to add 4 video sources to the broadcasting section and up to 2 "audio-only" sources.

Other Sources

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