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Firstly, make sure you admin this page or group with your personal profile, the same one that is connected to your Be.Live account.

Business Page 

If you still do not see your Business Page in the Destination drop-down menu, follow these steps:

  1.  Go to your Personal Facebook Profile > Settings > Business Integrations (if you cannot find Be.Live there, check under Apps and websites).

2. Put a tick next to Be.Live app > Remove > Remove.

3. Once it is done, log out from both Be.Live and Facebook accounts.

4. Log back and create a new broadcast granting the permissions one more time.
( Stream title > choose Facebook as a destination > grant permission)

Choose privacy settings.

Your Business Page should now appear in the drop-down menu.

Your Group

You can go live to the group where you have an Admin role and manage from your Personal Profile.

Why the group may not appear in the drop-down menu

  1. Be.Live app is not added to the group.
    Here is a quick guide on how to add it.
  2. If you have Be.Live app there but the group still doesn`t appear in the list, please repeat the following steps:
  • Go to your group and remove Be.Live from the apps. 
  • Next, go to your Personal Profile > Settings - Business integrations (if you cannot find it, please check under Apps and websites) and delete Be.Live. 
  • After that, go to your group and add Be.Live app back. Here is a quick guide on how to add it.
  • Once done, re-login to both Facebook and Be.Live and create a new broadcast to grant permissions again.

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