Firstly, we want to thank you for being with Be.Live. As we celebrate your milestones with us, you get a chance to invite others and send them a link to test out Be.Live for 30 days! How cool is that?

Where do I see that celebration icon?
You will see the Celebrate button in the lower left of the broadcasting studio.

Why am I not seeing this button?
You will automatically see this option once you reach one of these numbers:

  • more than 20 broadcasts
  • more than 50 max viewers
  • more than 100 comments in total
  • more than 100 reactions in total

What happens when I share this?
Your viewers will see a short presentation showcasing your achievements and milestones with Be.Live. This is perfect in making your show more colorful and to entice your viewers to start their own Be.Live journey. When they sign up using your link, they would be given 30 days to try out Be.Live.

Can I change the text and also the link?

You can change both text and link directly on Facebook by editing the post 😁 

Note, once you changed the referral link to the affiliate one, those newcomers who followed it won't get 30 days free trial, just the regular 14 days. 

That's it! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Support. 

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