It's extremely important to be active and communicate with your audience once you are live! There are many different tools that can help you, but I'll share with you how can you do that with BeLive. First of all, you can use agenda and show your titles or cralwers. If you are already familiar with those, let's get familiar with tanother engaging feature we have 😏 

To show a comment in the broadcast, so everyone can see it, you'll need to start your broadcast first. Once you are live and you see the comments in the panel on the right - you'll be able to display the ones you like on the screen! To do so, please, press on the eye icon next to the comments and voila! 

To hide it, simply press on the crossed-eye icon and it'll disappear from your stream 😃 Cool, isn't it?

❗ If you broadcast to a group, please, check this article ❗ 

We will be happy to hear your feedback about these features! If you have any suggestions or questions - you are welcome to contact us via Live chat on 😍 

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