We are happy to introduce you a brand-new feature that can totally change your broadcasting experience - Remote Assistant!
Now you can dedicate more time to your audience creating an awesome engagement.
You can control the broadcast from mobile device or your assistant can do it for you using laptop/desktop or mobile phone :)

  1. First, you need to set up the broadcast and add all the sources ( connect camera, add guest, media, screen share, etc) to the Lobby Section.
    Important: you can only manage the broadcast with Remote Assistant, however, for adding new sources like a new guest, screen share, title/crawler, branding, etc you need to be in the studio using your laptop/desktop.
  2. When all the materials for your broadcast are ready, click this icon and copy the link. 

 3. Paste the link to any messager or email and send it to the assistant of your broadcast.
When the assistant follows the link, they can see all the sources you have in the Studio.

Let`s have a quick look at the buttons there :)

Red button means that the source is in Broadcast Section and is visible to the audience.
By clicking it you will move the source to the Lobby (it will be invisible).

Orange button means that the source is in the Lobby and invisible to the audience.
Clicking it you will move the source to Broadcast Section ( it will be visible).

This is Solo button that will help you to show one particular source on the screen.

Don`t want people to hear you or your guest? Click Mute.
(If the button is red it means the source is muted)

Here you can change the layouts for your sources.
(Layout option is available when you have at leaset 2 active sources on the broadcast)

This is how you can Start the broadcast.
Currently you need to Start and End the broadcast from the laptop/desktop, however, we are working on this feature and it will be implemented very soon!

That`s it, hope it will make your broadcasts easier and more engaging! :)

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