By using a presentation you can make your live broadcasts more interesting and informative for your viewers, show visuals like graphs, charts and images. This article shows how to share your presentation using screen share featuren in Studio2.

First, you need to create a broadcast using Studio2. Then:

  1. Open your presentation.

2. Press F5 to view the slideshow in Presentation mode.

3. Go to BeLive studio tab in Chrome using keyboard shortcuts ALT+Tab (for Windows) or CMD+Tab (for Mac).

4. Once you are in the Studio, click on Share Screen button (you might need to install a BeLive extension if you've never used screen share before).

5. A pop-up box would appear where you can select to share an Application Window, your Entire Screen or a Chrome tab. Choose Application Window sharing, select your PowerPoint Slideshow presentation and click on Share.


  • You would need to switch slides manually using arrow keys . You can go back and forth between slides and studio to run the broadcast. No worries, your viewers will only see slides! 
  • If you want to do a voiceover and don't want to be seen, please add your camera to the broadcasting section along with the shared screen and click on the camera icon to enable Audio only feature

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