By including a presentation you can make your live broadcasts more interesting and informative for your viewers, show visuals like graphs, charts and images. The first part of this article shows how to share your presentation using the screen share feature, and in the second part you will learn another option: our workaround using another Be.Live feature which makes presentation sharing a peace of cake. So keep on reading till the end 😄

First, you need to create a broadcast. Check out our articles on how to go live on Facebook and YouTube.  

Part 1: Sharing Screen

  1. Open your PowePoint presentation.

On Mac, you have to have the application open, but not full-screen. You will see all the available for sharing windows in the pop-up window (check the screenshot below). That can be your browser, keynotes presentation, or any other app. 

For Windows devices application window has to be open (and not minimized to the Dock panel), otherwise it won’t be available for sharing.

2. Go to the Studio, click on Share Screen button (you might need to install a Be.Live extension if you've never used screen share before, refresh the page after installing).

3. A pop-up box would appear where you can select to share an Application Window, your Entire Screen or a Chrome tab. Choose Application Window sharing, select your PowerPoint Slideshow presentation and click on Share

4. Go back to the presentation and press F5(for Windows) or Shift+cmd+Enter(for MAC) to view the slideshow in Presentation mode.

4. Switch back to Chrome using keyboard shortcuts ALT+Tab (for Windows) or cmd+Tab (for Mac) and enter the Be.Live studio.

6. Once you are ready to start presenting it to your viewers add it to the Stream by clicking "Show in Stream". You can also change the layouts any time before or during the broadcast.


  • You would need to switch slides manually using arrow keys . You can go back and forth between slides and studio to run the broadcast. No worries, your viewers will only see the slides! 
  • If you'd prefer to speak over the slides and don't want to be seen, please add your camera to the broadcasting section along with the shared screen and click on the camera icon to enable Audio only feature

Part 2: Create a Live Shopping list

Here is our alternative option! You can easily share the slides using our Live Shopping feature.
Live Shopping feature allows you to display images and scroll through them from a customized list you have created. 

So let's take a look at the steps:

Step 1: Save your PowerPoint Presentation as images, click File > Saved as... > JPEG or PNG > All slides

We can also advise making your slide show in Canva- a great free online platform that helps you create beautiful designs with no effort. There are different templates to choose from and you can download the presentation as PNG images with just one click.

Step 2: Once the images are ready, let's upload them to the list.
Click the Live Shopping icon >Add New List > Upload the first image> Add Item ...
And repeat for every image

You can also edit the name of the list by clicking on it and typing in the needed name:

Step 3: Once the List is ready, it's time to present 👏 

Add your camera(so the audience can hear you) > Open the Live Shopping List >
 Push the source to staging > move both sources into the broadcast by clicking ""Show in Stream" > change the layout(if you want the slides to be bigger) > navigate the arrows to change slides. If you don't want to be seen but still need to speak over the slides, just choose "Audio only" 

That's it! Once you get a hang of it, this little workaround will make your presentations much more enjoyable 😄 

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