Note, this is the right article for you if you are joining as a guest from mobile/tablet, otherwise, go here to check what everything will look like from desktop/laptop. 

Getting Ready  

If you are looking for some details to send your guest, you can send this to-do-list to your guests for them to check everything before broadcast.

  1.  To join a broadcast as a guest, you have to have a Facebook profile.
  2. Please, download and install the Be.Live app (Android; iOS
  3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. 
  4. You may want to close all unnecessary programs on your device. Some applications may run in the background even when they seem to be closed, so consider rebooting your device.
  5. Follow the link you received from the host to join the broadcast (click "Open in App"). 
  6. Enjoy the broadcast!

NOTE, The guest can only join a broadcast from his personal Facebook profile, but the host can edit guest's name that is shown on the screen.


To join on mobile devices, you have to download free Be.Live application. You can find it here: Android or iOS

After you will need to click on the guest link the host shared which will take you to this screen.  Press "Open in App" button.

 iOS                                                                  Android

When opening the application, you will see the following screen asking to grant access to Camera and Microphone. You will need to select OK/Allow.

 iOS                                                                  Android

Then you will be asked to connect with Facebook. This step is essential so simply follow the steps to connect.

 iOS                                                                  Android

   After, you will join the broadcast and appear in your staging section. You will see "Waiting to go live" indication while being in the staging area. 

When the host moves you to the broadcasting section from the Staging the indication will change, and you will also see a countdown before appearing in the broadcast section.

As you see above, you also have an option to switch between front and back camera and use Internal chat with the host and other guests.

As a guest, you will see all the elements that the host has in the broadcasting section (different cameras/people, shared pictures and screens) and the number of live views. Also, once you are LIVE you will see the flashing sign in the upper left corner That's what the screen will look like:

That's it!  If you have any further questions, just let us know in the chat :)

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