Are you doing your business using live shows? Or want to sell your new product? Now it's possible to advertise it on your live show with Be.Live!

NOTE, Live Shopping is currently available with Standard+ plan and while using Modern Theme!

  1. First, you need to send a message to our support to enable this feature. The easiest way to do it is to use the chat inside of the studio or main website. No worries, it takes several minutes to get activated! 

2. Refresh the page and click on the Live Shopping icon. You can click on either of the marked places on the screenshot below to create your list of items.

NOTE, you can create more than one list from this page. Lists are saved as long as they have at least one item in it. 

3. Upload a picture of the item from your computer and add Name, Price and Description. You can also name the list here.

NOTE, that having a picture is mandatory for the creation of the item, but you can skip adding Name, Price and Description if you wish. 

4. Push your item to the staging or create another item. 

5. When you are ready to show it to the public, click "Show in Stream"!

If you have several items in the shopping the list you are able to easily scroll through  them using the arrows: 

NOTE, if you add 3 or more sources(live shopping items/camera/images/screenshare/ guests) to the broadcast at the same time, the layout will change and only the price of the Live Shopping item will be displayed, the name and description will not. 

Enjoy our new feature and let us know your impressions by contacting our support from the chat on the main website/studio! 

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