At the moment, we do offer Offline Recording feature which you can use to create a broadcast, not go LIVE and simply download the complete video from "My broadcasts" section. Just open the Stream Settings in Studio2 and choose Offline recording.

But we would also like to share some workarounds of creating private broadcasts on Facebook which will help you have a better understanding of what it looks like on Facebook's side.

Option 1

The trick is that it's possible to set the privacy settings to Only Me and you will be the only person who will see a specific broadcast. This option works only if you broadcast on your timeline. Please, follow the next instructions: 

  1. Go to your private account settings on Facebook, and find the Business Integrations. Sometimes, BeLive also may be located under the Apps & Websites.

2. Click on BeLive to open the settings.
3. Scroll down to the visibility setting, and set it up to Only me

4. Do not forget to save the changes by pressing the Save button, and then you're done!

After this, you can create a broadcast with a destination "On your own timeline" and actually go live to get a full experience while no one will see this broadcast.
Do not forget to change the settings back to "Public" or "Friends" after you are done with the testing. 

Option 2

You can go live to your Secret/Closed Group or Business Page.
Make sure you manage the group from your Personal Profile and you have an Admin role there. Also, please check if you have BeLive app added to the group.
Here is a short guide on how to do it :)

Firstly, you need to create a broadcast. Please, go to and click on the Start Broadcasting button in the middle of the screen.

Choose your Secret/Closed Group or Business Page as a destination for the broadcast. (Stream To pannel).

Once you`ve done with choosing the group, description do not forget to click Save button :)

After broadcast ends you have 2 options how to download it.

  1. Directly from “My broadcasts” page in your Be.Live profile. ( Download button)
    Your recording will be available shortly after your broadcast has ended in a high quality in .mp4 format.
  2.  From Facebook.

You may find more information here :)

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