Don't want to go live, but still want to use BeLive features? From now on you can record your broadcast!

  1. Go to BeLive Studio (in case you don't have an account with BeLive yet check this article to set it up) and press on "My Broadcast" title.
  2. Pick up Offline Recording as a destination for your broadcast. 

3. Add sources that you need. You can connect camera, set up a screen share, add guests, share a photo and much more! You can check another articles to get familiar with these features.  
4. Press Record button to start recording. Use the same button to stop the recording.

NOTE, You will be notified by email when the recording will be available for download (it may take up to several hours depending on the length of the broadcast). Also, you can check on it & download the recording from your BeLive profile in .mp4 format.

Have any questions left? Please, text us in the chat, we are available 24/7!

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