To better prepare for an upcoming broadcast, it's always best to run tests so you know how everything works. In this article, you will learn how to set up a private broadcast on Facebook.

NOTE: You can do the test alone or with guests.

Option 1 - Change Post Privacy to "Only Me"

From the studio, schedule a broadcast on BeLive on Facebook. Click Set destination > Enable Schedule Stream toggle > Destination > Facebook.

Feel free to add broadcast information (title, description, cover image, etc.). Click Save to schedule your broadcast.

Once saved, access this broadcast by selecting it from the Scheduled streams dropdown menu. To check what the post looks like, click on the broadcast destination in the studio next to Edit Destination (it will redirect you to this post on your Facebook timeline).

From your timeline, change the privacy setting of the post to Only Me by clicking on the privacy icon below. This way, no one else will be able to see the post but you.

Go back to the BeLive studio. Once you are ready to start your private broadcast, click the Camera button:

Once your camera is connected, you'll see it in the staging section. To move yourself to the broadcast, click "Show in Stream" on your camera source:

(Note: You can learn more about how to check settings in the production studio here.)

Finally, click Start to begin your broadcast. To end it, click the stop button:

Option 2 - Create A New Group

If you don't want to change your privacy settings, there is another way to do a test broadcast - by creating a separate group. Here's how:

1. Click "Create Group"

2. Fill out the form and make sure you create a Closed group, so no one can see what you will be posting there:

3. Click "Create". Once done, make sure to add the Be.Live app to the specific group so that you can go live on that destination. You can check out our article on that process here.

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