It is very simple to check your audio and video settings within Be.Live. You will see a gear icon above your camera image - simply click on it and the settings window will appear:

Video Settings: Choose the camera (internal/external) you wish to use for your broadcast here. Keep in mind that you can only use a web camera to do a broadcast with Be.Live.

Camera Resolution: Change your camera resolution here. The default resolution is set at 480p. Lower resolution works better with slower connections and older computers. If you're on a powerful device and your internet connection is stable, feel free to upgrade it to 720p.

Microphone: Select the microphone you wish to use for the broadcast. To check if it's working, make sure the sound indicator moves when you speak.

Speaker: Select the speaker you want to use for the broadcast. We suggest not setting it at high volume and use headphones when broadcasting to avoid echo. Also play a test sound to ensure your speakers or headphones work properly.

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