So if you read this article, you're probably having some problems while connecting to broadcast as a guest and it doesn't look like a right guest experience on computer or mobile/tablet.

Joining via desktop/laptop

If you cannot join your broadcast because your camera is not connected - it means that something went wrong. How to fix it? Check the options below :)

1. Check if Be.Live has access to your camera and mic

To  do so, please, paste into your address bar and go to chrome://settings/content/camera (for camera) and chrome://settings/content/microphone (for microphone), under "Allowed" should be 

When connecting your camera, the following window can pop up. Please,  press "Allow" so that Be.Live has access to your camera/mic!

Just in case, you can check if Chrome has access to your camera and microphone by pressing on the lock in the address bar.

2. Refresh the page

First of all, please, try to refresh the page and connect your camera again.

3. Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome and clear your cache

If refreshing didn't help, please, make sure you have the latest version of Chrome and clear your cache.

4.Reboot your computer

Rebooting a computer helps in most of the cases, that's why, please, do that :)

5. Check whether there is other software which is using a camera

Please close all of the necessary software. Even if there are no open windows, please, check your Task Manager, there always might be some programs running on the background.

6. Run the test

This test will help you to understand does Chrome have access to your camera and whether your camera and microphone work at all. If you get results like this

It means that there are either some problems with your camera and microphone or Chrome doesn't have access to your camera. 

Please check your device or try with another one. If it's an external camera/mic, try plugging it out/in.

Sometimes there appear problems with reflexive connectivity.

It might indicate problems between Be.Live and your network. Try using an incognito window, disabling AdBlock or switching to another network.

7. Try in an incognito window

Please, try to follow the invitation link in an incognito window (Command+Shift+N for Mac, Ctrl+Shift+N for Windows). If it works there, there is a Chrome extension that blocks your camera access – disable the extensions one by one in the regular window to find which one affects your camera. 

Nothing helps? We are very sorry about this experience! Please, contact our Support, we'll do our best to help you out!

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