NOTE: This workaround only applies to Facebook groups. This step is not required when broadcasting to timeline or pages.

Due to Facebook restrictions, BeLive cannot access names and profile pictures of viewers who comment and react to the broadcast when broadcasting to a group.

But good news!

If you want your viewers to interact on your broadcast with their information, simply send them this link to allow BeLive access to their profile.

How it looks from the viewer's side

Once viewers click the link, they will be redirected to the following page: 

Viewers should click on "Allow BeLive to show my comments" and log in to their Facebook profiles afterwards.

Note that viewers can choose specific groups where comments will appear with their personalized names and photos. The popup will appear after pressing "Choose what you allow."

Once done, viewers will see the message below. That means everything is complete and permissions are now granted:

If the viewer already granted access and installed the BeLive application previously, they will instead be redirected to this page:

How it looks from the host's side

Before authorization:

After authorization:

This process is a one-time procedure - there is no need to do that each time before the broadcast begins.

Other things to know

  • Pro tip: Add the group link to the description when creating your broadcast so that viewers are familiar with the workaround.
  • For viewers on mobile: Please ask them to copy the link from the messenger app, then open Safari browser (for iOS/iPhone users) and paste the link directly into the address bar.

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