Noticed that your broadcasts could not reach more than 0 viewers? Your live streams are always available for Only You, and you're tired of changing your privacy settings to Public for every single broadcast? In this article, we're going to focus on how to change your privacy settings on Facebook.

Managing privacy settings for posting on your timeline 

When logging into Be.Live for the first time, you need to grant permissions and set up how your broadcasts will be posted on Facebook. It will look like this: 

Select the option that fits your needs, and confirm it by clicking OK. No worries! If you missed it, you still can change the settings directly on Facebook! Here are a few steps you need to go through:

  1. Go to your private account settings on Facebook, and find the Business Integrations. Sometimes, Be.Live also may be located under the Apps & Websites.

2. Click on Be.Live to open the settings.
3. Scroll down to the visibility setting, and set it up to Public. 

4. Do not forget to save the changes by pressing the Save button.

Managing privacy settings for posting on a page you manage

By definition, the business page is always public, so when broadcasting to a page, you will not have the possibility to change privacy settings. 

Tip: You can set a specific page as Unpublished so that your broadcasts are available to you only.

Managing the list of pages Be.Live has access to 

You may also manage the list of your pages/groups that Be.Live has access to. Here's how to check these settings:

1. Remove Be.Live permissions from Facebook settings.

2. Go through the Be.Live create broadcast flow choosing the page you manage as a destination.
3. Once the following window appeared, click "Choose what you allow."

4. This will show a list of all your pages so you can mark the desired one. And do not forget to press OK button.

Managing privacy settings for posting on Facebook group

In a group, everything depends on privacy settings. Here is a short instruction of how to change your privacy setting in the group:

1. Go to a specific group where you're going to do a livestream.

2. Under "More" find the option "Edit Group Settings".

3. After that, find the Privacy settings and select the option that better fits your needs. 

Other things to know

  • In case you want to share the post with broadcast to other pages/groups, it's required for your page/group that was selected as the main destination to be public. Keep in mind, it's not possible to share posts from the closed/secret group.  
  • If you created a broadcast on your timeline with limited access (set to "Only Me" or "Friends"), you will be able to share it to the group BUT NOT TO THE PAGE! Remember that even shared to the group, only a specific audience will be able to see the shared post. 
  • Due to Facebook making some updates, comments do not appear in the studio if the broadcast's destination is Timeline and it's set to just a particular audience. So please make sure it is set to Public.

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