First of all, why do you even need to do it? Facebook changed the rules, and now it's a must to install Be.Live App on a group. Otherwise, you won't be able to use Be.Live in this group. 

Also, members of the group (not just admins) can go live using third-party apps like Be.Live!

This is how it works with Facebook Live now, and since we are an official third-party Group App, the rules apply to us as well.

To add a Be.Live application to your Group, please, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have admin rights in this group with the same personal profile that is connected to Be.Live.
  2. Go to your group and click on "More" under your Facebook cover photo. Select "Edit group Settings"

3. Scroll down to see Apps section and select "Add Apps".

4. Find BeLive and click to add it to the group.

5. Enjoy broadcasting! 


  • If you are a member of the group, please ask the admin to add Be.Live to a specific group for you to go live there!
  • If you can't see who is commenting in your broadcast, check this article for guidance. 
  • If you are experiencing problems with displaying groups, please, log out of Be.Live, go to Facebook and delete the Be.Live application from the group. Then go to personal Facebook settings > Business integrations (if you cannot find it there, please check under Apps&Websites) and delete Be.Live. After that, log out of Facebook, log back into FB and Be.Live. Now create a new broadcast and grant permissions again and add the Be.Live application to the group. It should fix the issue!
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