Want to announce your live show a few days in advance? Let's check how to do it in the new Be.Live studio!
Note, If you want to stream a scheduled show with Be.Live it has to be scheduled in your Be.Live studio as well. At this point it's not possible to link it to a show that was already scheduled directly on Facebook.

STEP 1. As always, we start by going to https://be.live/ and clicking Start Broadcasting (you may need to create your Be.Live account first). 

STEP 2. Click Set destination, select Facebook and click on the "Schedule" icon next to it.

Once you do that, please, fill all the needed details (set time, upload cover image, select destination and title for your broadcast). The optimal ratio for images used in scheduled broadcast posts is 16:9, e.g. 1280x720 and doesn't exceed 3 mb, make sure the file's name is written in latin letters and doesn't contain symbols. 

NOTE, it's possible to schedule a broadcast from 10 min to up to 7 days from now and you will need to choose among the given options in the calendar.
You are required to start the broadcast within 10 minutes after the scheduled time. Alternatively, you can start the broadcast earlier.

STEP 3. Don't forget to click SAVE to actually schedule your broadcast! You can check what it looks like on Facebook by clicking on the broadcast title in the studio (it will redirect you to this post on Facebook).

IMPORTANT, it is not possible to edit destination of the broadcast after you clicked SAVE, but you can edit time, title and cover picture. Check out this article to learn more about editing a scheduled show.

Wanna schedule more broadcasts? Just repeat all steps!

You can access your scheduled broadcasts, by pressing on "Open production studio" in "My broadcasts" tab or by going to the studio and opening a scheduling menu (clock icon) and click on Scheduled streams as shown in the picture below.

Select from your scheduled streams the one that you want to start and you are ready to go😄

Still have questions? Contact our support, we are available 24/7!

Have a nice broadcasting with Be.Live!

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