Have guests who wants to share their screen? Here is a step by step guide that you can share with them :)

One important thing - Screen sharing feature is available for laptop/desktop only.

To share the screen as a guest you need:

  1. Make sure you have updated Chrome browser.
  2. Follow the invitation link that host shared with you. 
  3. Once you clicked on the link, you will be redirected to this page.

3. Connect with your Facebook profile or YouTube channel and once you signed in, you need to connect your camera by pressing on the "Connect camera" button.  

Note: You can't join the broadcast without connecting your camera.

4. Also, if you join the broadcast for the first time, you need to add the Be.Live extension. Feel free to check how to add it here.
5. And finally screen share! :)

There are 3 options for you to share:

  • Entire screen
    This option will bring everything that you see on your screen - along with the status bar, the Dock panel and all the pop-up notifications that appear on your screen. Thus, we suggest you turn on the “do not disturb mode” on your device. 
  • Application window
    On Mac
    , you have to have the application open, but not full-screen. You will see all the available for sharing windows in the pop-up window (check the screenshot below). That can be your browser, keynotes presentation, or any other app.

    For the Windows devices
    application window has to be open (and not minimized to the Dock panel), otherwise it won’t be available for broadcasting.
  • Chrome tab
    You will see all tabs that are opened in this Chrome window.

Once you decided what to show on the broadcast - click on "Share".
The window will appear in the staging area and host will move it to the broadcast :)

NOTE, Only host can add your screen to the broadcast, however, you still can remove it from the stream, if you want to stop sharing your screen. 

When you go live with a connected camera, you will be unmuted by default.
If you want to mute yourself, click on Mute icon on the camera window, so there will be no sound from your mic while the host will show your screen:

Also, the gear icon will allow you to check your camera&mic settings:

Useful tip!

How to understand your screen share is on the broadcast?
Easy! When the host moves your screen sharing window to the broadcast, you will see it in the Broadcast section on the big screen :)

Basic Troubleshooting:
If you're experiencing any problems with screen sharing, you may want to try reinstalling the Be.Live extension in Chrome. 

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