After you receive the invitation link from your host, what's next? Read on to find out!

Getting started

Once you follow the invitation link, sign in using Facebook (using your personal profile) or Google (using your account). After selecting a sign-in method, click Connect Camera:

Once you have successfully joined the broadcast, a pop-up message will appear:

Here's what you'll see in the studio as a guest:

  1. Your camera (the icon shows that the camera is connected)
  2. The screen sharing button (this feature is available if the host is on the Standard+ plan)
  3. Your camera preview
  4. Public Chat (comments from the viewers on Facebook/YouTube appear here)
  5. Host Chat (allows you to talk privately with the host and other guests)
  6. Support Chat (contact Support team here for assistance or questions)

If you are experiencing issues with camera or sound, refer to this troubleshooting article.

To adjust camera and microphone settings, click the gear button above the camera preview at the bottom of the Production Studio.

To mute your audio, click on the microphone icon.

NOTE: Once you see yourself on the middle section of the Production Studio, that means the host has already added you to the broadcast section.

There will be a 3-second countdown before the broadcast officially goes live. If you see the "In stream" indicator above your camera preview, that means you are live. If you do not, you will see "Waiting to go Live" instead.

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