So here we are! It's time to add a guest to our show! But what happens once we send the invitation link to our interviewee?

After following the link you guest will see this window

To join the broadcast, they'll first need to press on "Connect with Facebook" button. (NOTE! This is the only way to join a broadcast for guests). Once they sign in, they'll be able to connect their camera by pressing on the "Connect camera" button. Tadaam! Your guest is connected!

Once your guest joins the broadcast they'll see this pop-up which means they succeeded! 🌻 

Let's see what components will you see as a guest!

  1. Your camera (the icon shows that the camera is connected)
  2. The screensharing button
  3. Your camera preview
  4. Public (the thread with the comments from the viewers from Facebook)
  5. Host Chat ( the chat where you can talk to the host and other guests)
  6. Live Chat ( if you experience any problems you are welcome to contact the Support via this one)

To adjust you settings for camera and microphone simply press on the gear button above the camera preview at the bottom of the Production Studio.

To mute your audio, you'll need to click on the microphone icon

So how will your guests understand whether they are live or not? 

If they see the phrase "In stream" above their camera preview - they are on the air 😃 If the are not - it'll be written "Waiting to go Live" over there. Easy, isn't it?

NOTE ❗  Once your guests see themselves in the upper side of the Production Studio, it means that the host added them to the broadcast section!

  • Your guest can only join a broadcast from his personal Facebook profile, but you can edit guest's name that is shown on the screen.

Happy Broadcasting 🎉 

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