BeLive allows you to customize your show branding and you will be impressed how easy is it to take your show to a whole new level!

Good news :) You can change branding while you are live!
Firstly, go to our site and click on Start Broadcasting button. Now you are in Production Studio and it`s high time you add your branding :)

Click on Edit Appearance and let`s get it started!

  1. Theme

With theme, your broadcast will look more unique and professional. You can see how the theme looks on the preview window by just clicking on it.
Liked the Theme? Click Apply!

 Also, every theme has a definite text style, however, you still can choose your branding colors.
Just click on "Edit colors" button that you see on the bottom.

Choose the Background and Text colors by entering a specific Hex code or by clicking on the color wheel

Check in the preview window how it will look like on your broadcast. Once your custom colors are set, click on "Done" to proceed.

After you have chosen your theme and branding colors, click on "Apply" button for them appear in your broadcast.

 2. Logo

Make sure you optimize your logo for the right dimensions: 150x150.  
The acceptable formats are png, jpg, jpeg.
Maximum size - 15mb

  1. Click on Edit Appearance > Logo > Add logo
  2. Locate the logo in your computer then click "Open".
  3. Click on logo and see how it looks on the broadcast in the Preview window. If you are satisfied - press Apply so your logo will appear on the broadcast :)

Keep in mind, it's possible to use only one logo at once, and all the used items will be saved for your future broadcasts. Also, logo has a fixed position (in the right upper corner) so you won't be able to move it.
To delete your logo just press Trash Icon (it is located in the left bottom corner of your logo section) and then Delete. 

    3. Overlay

You can add an overlay to your broadcast to make it look prettier.  Choose default ones or if you have your personal cool overlay, just press on "Add overlay" and show it on your broadcast.
Make sure to optimize your overlay for the right dimensions with the 16:9 ratio.
The supported formats are png, jpg, jpeg. Maximum size - 15mb
Don`t forget to click on "Apply"! :)

    4.  Background

Valley, open space or forest?
Just set up the right background :) Also, you can add your personal background to be recognized by your audience.
Ratio for your background - 16:9 (otherwise it fills the screen).
The supported formats are png, jpg, jpeg. Maximum size - 15mb
And remember about Apply button!

Easy, right? :)
The coolest thing is that you can change it at any time during the broadcast and this simple process will surely help your video stand out!

P.S. Troubles with going live? Check our article, we are always ready to give you a hand! 

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