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Be.Live allows you to customize your show's branding. You can easily change it before or during your show.

From the BeLive studio, click Branding from the toolbar:


The overlay serves as a frame for your broadcast. Choose default ones or upload your own by clicking Add Overlay.

Overlay file guidelines:
Ratio - 16:9

Supported formats - .png, .jpg/.jpeg

Maximum size - 15mb

Once you have chosen an overlay, click Apply.

Note: Avoid putting text on the upper left part of the frame to avoid it from being blocked by the "LIVE" logo.


There are two options available for theme: Modern and Classic. Once you have chosen your preferred theme, click Apply.

Each theme has a different text style. With Classic, you may customize your branding colors. Simply click "Edit colors" that you see on the bottom of the window. Choose Background and Text colors by entering a specific hex code or by clicking on the color wheel. Once custom colors are set, click Done. After choosing your theme and branding colors, click Apply so they appear in your broadcast.


The logo represents your brand and your image.

Logo file guidelines:

Dimensions - 150x150

Supported formats - .png or .jpg/.jpeg.

Maximum size - 15mb

  1. Click Logo. Choose the BeLive logo or upload your own by clicking on Add Logo. Locate the file from your computer and click Open.
  2. Click on the uploaded file to see what it looks like in the Preview window. Once you are satisfied, click Apply.

To delete a logo, press Trash Icon located in the bottom left corner of each logo and click Delete.

Note: You may only use one logo at a time. All previously uploaded files will be saved for future use. Also, the logo has a fixed position in the right upper corner.


Choose a default background for your broadcast or upload your own.

Background file guidelines:

Ratio - 16:9
Supported formats - .png, .jpg/.jpeg

Maximum size - 15mb

Note: The background will only appear if you have at least 2 sources in the broadcasting area.

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