If you are checking this article, most likely, you are going to broadcast with BeLive soon. And this is awesome 😃

Set up

To go live using our platform you'll need to have following equipment:

  • Computer/laptop
  • Chrome browser/Safari browser
  • Web camera
  • Facebook account
  • Stable internet connection

We start by going to https://be.live/ and clicking Start Broadcasting (you may need to create your BeLive account first).

Going Live

If you are all set up, then it's time to start!

You'll find yourself in our brand-new awesome Production Studio. First you need to press on "Stream Title" section in the upper left corner! Over there you'll start by setting your Destination 😃 

Here we will choose Facebook and the next step will be picking where you want to Stream To - you can go live on your timeline, a page or a group that you manage.

After that is selected, you can write the description of your broadcast so that people can see it in the post and check what it will be about.

Now just hit “Save” and you are ready to proceed. 

Once that is set up, it's time to add your customized branding 😃 Check this article for a quick setup!
In the top right corner you will see the Internet connection indicator:

You can learn more about the network quality in the article.
Now let's connect your camera! Please, press the icon highlighted below. 

After that you'll see that your camera is connected in the Lobby section. You can learn more in this article 😃 

To change the settings of your camera and microphone you need to press on the gear button above your camera preview, that's it :)

There you can also check if camera and mic are connected and working. In addition, you can change camera resolution in these settings. The default resolution is 480p. Lower resolution works better with slow connection and older computers. If you're on a powerful device and your internet connection is stable, feel free to increase it to 720p. 

You can mute yourself or turn off the camera and go live only having your audio on, to do so, please, use the buttons of microphone and video camera on your camera preview.

To move yourself to the broadcast, please, press on the "Arrow" icon. 

Voila! You're in the broadcast!

The last step to go live is to press on "Start" button!

You see? Easy-peasy :)
Before going live you'll see the countdown, so no worries, you will definitely know when you are on the air!

To finish your broadcast simply press on the red button with the stop sign in the top-left corner.

NOTE, it's possible to add 4 video screens to the live broadcast and unlimited amount of "audio only" sources.

Here are a few tips for having a great live:

  • Check whether you have up-to-date Google Chrome browser
  • Clear cache
  • Reboot your computer
  • Please check your camera and microphone before going live
  • Broadcast in a good mood only 😻 

Happy streaming!

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