First, you will need to create a broadcast. You can learn all about it in this awesome guide!

Once you enter the studio you will see different icons on the left bar of your screen.  "Add Guest" will be the 2nd grey one from the top.

Once you click on the icon you will see the link, hover the mouse to that section and option to "Copy Link" will be displayed.

After you click "Copy Link" you will see "Copied to clipboard" message.

Clipboard is a holding place on your computer where your link will be stored. To paste and send the link to your guest you can use Command+V combination if you are using Mac and Ctrl+V combination if you are using Windows computer. To send the link, you can use any convenient for you way of online communication: Messenger, email, text message etc.


  • Your guest can only join a broadcast from his personal Facebook profile, but you can edit guest's name that is shown on the screen.
  • You can you use the same guest link for every guest in all your broadcasts.
  • You can add unlimited amount of guests in "Audio only" mode to the live broadcast.
  • Your guest can join broadcast studio any time from the moment you sent him the link.

If you want to know what further steps your guest should take you can find it out in our Guest Experience articles 📑 depending if your guest is using a computer or mobile/tablet.

Feel free to text us in chat in case you have more questions 😃 

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