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How do I add guests/co-hosts to my broadcast?

1. First, set up your broadcast (full details here: How to Go Live on Facebook / How to Go Live on YouTube).

2. Once the broadcast is set, click Guest from the toolbar. Hover your cursor over this section and click the Copy Link icon. A message saying "Guest link copied to clipboard" will appear. This means the link is ready to be sent to your guest.

3. Send the link to your guest. Paste the link using Command + V (for Mac) or Ctrl + V (for Windows). Guests will need to sign in via Facebook or Google, and connect their camera.

4. Once guests appear in the staging area, push their camera to the broadcast by clicking Show in Stream in the top right corner of their camera source.

For instructions on how to start your broadcast, click here.

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How do I edit my guest's name?

Check out this article on how to edit your guest's name.

Other things to know

  • Guests may join using their iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android devices.
  • You can send the link anytime before or during the stream. The same link is used to add guests to all your broadcasts.
  • Your guest may join the broadcast any time before or during broadcast.
  • Depending on the number of guests/sources, you will see different layout options under the preview window. Switch between them at any time before or during your live show.

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