After you set up Talk Show broadcast, that's what Production Studio will look like:

Here you will find a guest link in the bottom right corner of Production Studio:

After you click "Copy Link" you will see "Copied to clipboard" message:

A clipboard is a holding place on your computer where your link will be stored. To paste and send the link to your guest you can use Command+V combination if you are using Mac and Ctrl+V combination if you are using Windows computer. To send the link, you can use any convenient for you way of online communication: Messenger, email, text message, etc.

This is an example of what the link will look like when you paste it:

In Talk Show broadcast you can have up to 4 people live at the same time and up to 10 people in the lobby. You can use the same guest link for every guest in the broadcast, but keep in mind that the guest link is unique for every new broadcast you are creating, but the same for all the guests that are joining one specific broadcast.

 Wondering how things looks on your guest's side? Check this article to find out! 

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