Experiencing some problems with connecting your camera/microphone? Getting the black/white screen instead of your camera image?
We've prepared a list of basic troubleshoots for you to go through and get the issue fixed! 

Let's take a closer look!

1. Close other software that can be using a camera

If you're getting a black/white screen, there may be software that uses your camera at the same time or in the background, and it block's our access to the camera. 

2. Clear the cache and reboot your computer
These simple actions can help you with fixing a whole row of glitches: freezings, delays, black screen, etc.
Temporary files like internet history, cookies, and cache take up a ton of space on your hard disc. Deleting them frees up the valuable space and speeds up your computer.
Restarting computer refreshes the memory and prompts essential tools to run maintenance on it. When you leave your computer on, background programs and apps hog its memory, so rebooting will surely speed up your computer/laptop. 

3. Refresh a page
If your screen is stuck/frozen, refresh the page to fix the problem. Even if you're LIVE! No worries, it won't stop your broadcast. :) 

4. Run a test If everything is marked with red, probably there is an issue with your camera/mic OR Chrome has problems with accessing it.
In the first case, please check your devices or try with another one. If it's an external camera/mic, try plugging it out/in.
In the second case, please follow the next instructions:
Chrome settings -> Advanced -> Content settings -> Camera/Microphone, under "Allowed" should be https://studio.belive.tv:443 

5. Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome
Updating can be a drag, but it's definitely worth doing it: new updates fix bugs and glitches that slow down your computer. 

6. Check if Chrome has access to your camera/mic
If you're getting a black/white screen or an error message that your camera/mic cannot be accessed, most likely BeLive does not have access to your camera/mic. Please, follow the next instructions:
Chrome settings -> Advanced -> Content settings -> Camera/Microphone, under "Allowed" should be https://studio.belive.tv:443 

BTW, when connecting your camera, the following window can pop up. Do not hesitate to press "Allow" so that BeLive has access to your camera/mic!

7. Try in an incognito window
In case you cannot access your camera/mic or start the broadcast, try creating a broadcast in an incognito window. If it works there, there is a Chrome extension that blocks your camera access – disable the extensions one by one in the regular window to find which one affects your camera. 

8. Check your computer settings
For Mac - Security & Privacy -> check whether chrome is marked in both camera and mic sections
For Windows you can check the detailed instruction here.

9. Echo
Echo is caused when one person's voice is heard through another person's microphone. We recommend for the host and guests to wear a headset, to avoid the sound from reaching the microphone.
A good rule to remember: If you hear the echo, then it's NOT coming from your system. The person causing the echo DOES NOT hear the echo.

Hope it was clear enough :)
If you still have any questions, feel free to text us in a chat window!

And do not forget to share with us your experience so that we could make the platform even better for you 🌸

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