It's super quick and easy. Ready? Let's go!

The first step is, of course, setting up your Twitch account. Once you are done with that, go to or
Following the first link will bring you to this page: 

Right in the middle of it, there's a beautiful "Sign up with Twitch" button. Click it! You will be prompted to a window that asks you to authorize BeLive's access to your Twitch account.

Following the second link will bring you to the BeLive main page:

Click on "Sign up with Twitch", and you will see the same authorize window as in the first case:

Click "Authorize" button :) Aaand that's it! It will open your personal BeLive account on Twitch channel, something similar to:

You are all set and have your BeLive connected to Twitch :)

P. S. In case it logs you into your Facebook account instead of the Twitch one, please try logging out on and then follow all the steps from the article.

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