First things first :) Don't have BeLive account on Twitch yet? Check out this article to get one!
Now, an important thing to know is that there are two options to start Twitch Talk Show: through Twitch Landing page and through BeLive website. Be aware that in both cases you are required to have a Twitch account.

For both options, the following procedure will be the same, but you get to choose which starting point works better for you :)

To set up Twitch Talk Show:

Click "Broadcast on Twitch" button.

Click on the Twitch Talk Show:

Click "Create Broadcast". You don't need to fill in the email field unless you want to get notifications to the email that is not connected to your BeLive account.
Set up branding if you need one. Keep in mind that you can't edit your branding after the broadcast was created.
Here is an article on How to set up branding on Twitch.

Now you are in Production Studio!
There is a short tutorial which walks you through all Talk Show features when you are creating your very first Talk Show. Useful to know that you can replay it at any time, in case you missed out on something :)
To do that click three dots in the upper right corner above the preview window in the Production Studio and click "Replay Tutorial" button.

Now let's go back to creating your Talk Show!
You won't be able to start your broadcast if you don't have an active video stream. For that click on "Connect camera" button in the bottom left corner of the Lobby Section and move it to the Broadcast Section by clicking "To broadcast" button.

You will know that your camera is properly connected if you see yourself both in the window in Broadcast Section and in the preview window on the right.

Now you are ready to start your broadcast! :)
Click "Start broadcast" button and then "Start Live broadcast". And you are live!
To end broadcast click "End broadcast" button on the right under the preview window and then click "End live broadcast". Your broadcast is ended! Please, make sure you ended your broadcast properly. If you don't do that by clicking those buttons, it will be still streaming.

Also, fill in Feedback Form if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns :)

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