Note, this is a right article for you if your guest is joining from desktop/laptop, otherwise go here to check how everything will look like from mobile. 


You can send this to-do-list to your guests for them to check everything before broadcast.

  1. To join a broadcast as a guest, you have to have a Facebook profile. 
  2. Please, use the last version of Google Chrome browser.
  3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. 
  4. You may want to clear cache and close all unnecessary tabs and programs on your device. Some applications may run in the background even when they seem to be closed, so consider using Task Manager or rebooting your device.
  5. Follow the link you received from the host to join the broadcast (click “Connect Camera”). Note, that you can test your camera and mic before you click “Connect Camera”. Click the gear button to open the settings window. 
  6. Enjoy the broadcast!

NOTE, Your guest can only join a broadcast from his personal Facebook profile, but you can edit guest's name that is shown on the screen.


Once you send your guests a guest link, following it, your guest will see this screen:

They can change the camera and microphone settings by pressing gear button, and once they are ready, they can click "Connect camera". 

They will be prompted to a guest studio page. From this moment on you will see them in the Lobby. Remember that you won't be able to hear your guests while they are in the Lobby.
Also, it's important for your guest to stay in the brightened area since it represents the borders of their image on the actual broadcast.

Once you add guests to the broadcast studio, they will know it as the indication on the right will change to this: 

Your guests will see all the on-screen elements that you are showing on the broadcast: 

  • Title;
  • Crawler;
  • Comments; 

While being live, the guest will see the "Live" indication, as well as all the reactions and comments (by pressing "See all"): 

That's it!
In case of any troubles, you can text us or check our troubleshooting article

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